BKL Fischer Kühne Lang is specialised in high-quality legal advice in banking and capital markets law, as well as in financial and estate planning.

Our highly qualified lawyers guarantee an excellent quality and efficiency of trustful advice. We have a wealth of experience advising on all the issues clients may have to face in relation to wealth management. All partners and employees of our law firm have a banking background in common. Before starting their professional activities as lawyers, all partners worked in German banks and financial institutions respectively. Due to this experience in the financial services sector we are specialised in the practice areas of financial services and estate planning. We share our profound knowledge by holding seminars on subjects of interest to clients and business schools as well. Additionally all partners regularly publish on matters of estate planning and financial services.

We provide our corporate and private clients with advice in the areas of banking and capital markets law as well as in financial and estate planning. Among our clients are banks, savings banks and financial service providers. We give advice to managing directors, members of executive and supervisory boards in all questions of financial and company law as well as in law of succession. We offer legal advice on the whole spectrum of private and business issues, helping clients to preserve their family assets and wealth and handing it down to successive generations.

Our activities range from providing legal assistance in your daily business operations, from drafting and negotiating contracts, and from representing your interests in court or vis-à-vis government authorities to in-depth studies of complex questions of jurisprudence.